Tree friendly foundations that allow you to build near protected trees.

Treesafe is our patented foundation system that allows the construction of residential or commercial structures close to trees with a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) and within a tree Root Protection Area (RPA). Treesafe is approved by Arboriculturists and provides an opportunity to increase the footprint of your site.

Treesafe prevents damage to protected trees in a number of ways. In preparation for piling, we use air spades and hand augering techniques to identify any roots that may conflict with the proposed pile locations. If roots are present our in-house design team review and adjust the design to accommodate them. We use a bespoke working surface to support our custom lightweight piling rigs, minimising excavation that could cause damage to tree roots. Each pile position is also sleeved, and further precautions are taken when pouring the slab to prevent concrete leaching into the protected ground, that could cause harm to roots.

Treesafe can support a range of piling techniques, depending on ground conditions. We also offer alternative piling options, such as stone columns or reduced diameter piles.

Treesafe is a version of our Housedeck and Comdeck systems, both are BBA certified and warranty provider approved: NHBC, Premier Guarantee and LABC. All engineered solutions are fully underwritten.

For more information and standard drawing details please download our brochure below or get in touch with one of our Treesafe specialists.

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