Eco Classroom


Value: £58,000

Size: 170m2

Duration: 4 weeks

Scope of work:

  • The requirements for this project was to design and build the foundations for a new ‘Eco Classroom’, within a tightly constrained site on the grounds of a fully running school.
  • Our design accounted for any heave potential, as the site sits on cohesive ground conditions.
  • The foundations were split level, requiring piling from upper & lower levels.
  • Using our Comdeck reinforced concrete slab allowed the school to be flexible in shape as well as the future uses of the building. The Comdeck system has the ability to transfer loads between piles, so the load can be placed in any location, unlike the traditional systems, which require ground beams to be placed directly beneath the load bearing elements.
  • To boost the environmentally friendly credentials of the building we reduced the spoil by using Comdeck, as no major excavation required to form any ground beams. This also significantly reduced the overall emissions that are associated with vehicle and plant movement to & from site. We used narrower piles which reduced the amount of concrete required, further minimising the environmental footprint of the overall construction.

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