Edge Grove School

Watford, Hertfordshire

Value: £198,000
Size: 707m2
Duration: 8 weeks
Rig: Hutte 204

Scope of work:

  • The client requirement was to construct a new school building within a Tree Root Protection Area. Our resulting design was bespoke to the development and completed in-house.
  • 17 of the total 117 piles were to be with-in the Tree Root Protection Area. We used air spades and hand augering to investigate the tree root locations, with the Arboriculturist in attendance. No large roots were subsequently found.
  • The Jean Lutz system was used to monitor the pressure of the ground whist drilling and to control the pressure of the concrete whilst piling.
  • During the construction of the slab, we laid plywood decking in the protection areas for us to work on, to avoid causing any root damage.
  • The project was a success, despite some additional added time required for some re-designs, the slab was completed within the contact duration.

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