Floodsafe is our patented foundation system that allows construction in high flood risk areas.

Floodsafe is our patented foundation system that allows the construction of residential or commercial structures within areas with a high risk of flooding.

The Floodsafe system creates a clear void beneath your structure to ensure that the potential flood waters stay below the slab level and out of your property.

Floodsafe can support a range of piling techniques, depending on the ground conditions. The piles are installed on an engineered working surface or piling mat and are encased above ground to form columns, upon which the raft is constructed, and the slab is poured.

Floodsafe is a version of our Housedeck and Comdeck systems, both are LABC, NHBC, and Premier warranty approved. All designs and engineered solutions are fully underwritten.

For more information and standard drawing details please download our brochure below or get in touch with one of our Floodsafe specialists.

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