To keep up with the pace of modular construction, Quickcaps are faster and cheaper than piled alternatives.

Don’t let your foundations slow you down. 

To keep up with the pace of modular construction, Quickcaps are faster and cheaper than piled alternatives. Quickcaps work to high tolerances and can reduce your project emissions. 

How it works

Quickcaps are a capped mono-pile solution. Using our patented pile formers in conjunction with our Concrete Working Surface, we speed up the setting out process and avoid time-consuming checking, as positions are secured effectively. 

Quickcaps are also cast in one pour. This means, instead of the traditional process of forming the cap after the pile has cured, we form the cap while the pile is still wet, saving time and reducing your programme.  

Through our rationalised installation process and doing away with the need for beams and subsequent plinths, Quickcaps are up to 75% faster. Due to these reduced material and labour requirements, Quickcaps can create savings of up to 50% (compared to a pile and beam system).


When you have worked to precision off-site, Quickcaps won’t let you down on-site. This system works to very high tolerances. Installed by our specialist teams, we use our unique pile formers and Concrete Working Surface, increasing accuracy, allowing us to build within +-25mm tolerances on plan and +-15mm on elevation.


Quickcaps are the most sustainable option for when a piled solution is required. As this system does not require beams, it uses less concrete than alternatives systems. We can also use our eco concrete mix, which reduces cement emissions by 50%. 

Quickcaps also requires less excavation, sending less spoil to landfill and significantly reduces plant movement. 


Quickcaps are ideal for all permanent modular schemes including residential and commercial developments, as well as public sector projects, such as hospitals and schools. 

Other options for modular foundations

If Quickcaps are not suitable for your project, we have other foundation systems available.

We have piled foundation systems for when a flooring system is required, such as on prefab projects. They work to the same high tolerances and also offer significantly reduced programmes and costs. 

Explore our other options for modular builders here.

For more information and standard drawing details please download our brochure below or get in touch with one of our Quickcaps specialists.

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