CFA Piling

At Abbey Pynford, we offer CFA piling solutions. We mainly support developers & residential building contractors. We operate CFA piling midi rigs. As our piling rigs are less than 20T the track pressures are less than typical for CFA piling rigs offering the clients savings in terms of piling mat thickness. Moreover, these rigs minimise disturbance making them an ideal solution for urban locations working in close proximity to existing buildings, trees or in environmentally sensitive areas. They’re environmentally friendly too. With our strict quality control procedures, these flexible, cost-effective systems are your perfect piling solution.

All our rigs are fully instrumented, and we combine quality with efficiency. Ultimately, we have the experience and skills you need to meet your requirements. Using our in-house design, specialist installation and extraction procedures, we also provide value engineered solutions for Contiguous Piled Walls and Secant Piled Walls retaining structures.

What is CFA piling?

CFA piling is a quick and efficient method of creating deep foundation piles. Thanks to its versatile nature, it is often adopted by those who may require work carried out on a host of surface types. At Abbey Pynford, our CFA piling rigs are midi rigs, this allows for fewer ground and noise disturbances than the rigs often chosen by our competitors. This gives us the opportunity to work in built-up areas and those categorised as environmentally sensitive without causing any problems to the surrounding land or its features.

The CFA Piling Process

CFA piling is a simple, yet extremely effective piling method used for commercial and domestic builds. The piles are constructed with our midi rigs rotating a hollow stem auger into the ground to the specified depth. Concrete, or grout is then injected into the ground as the auger is removed. This creates a continuous pile with minimal disturbance to the ground.

A cage to help reinforce the ground and keep the concrete or grout contained is then placed through the material. Our team can advise on the best methods for the surface type you are building on and can explain how the CFA piling process will deliver a cost-effective and efficient solution to your foundation requirements.

Uses for CFA piling

CFA piling not only offers the benefit of being suitable for a host of environments, but its green credentials make it a popular choice among developers looking to enhance their sustainability and environmental credibility.

The CFA piling process as you’ve seen above is a simple one and one that can be adopted in a variety of areas. At Abbey Pynford, we use our CFA piling rigs for a variety of projects including:

  • Structural support
  • Landslide prevention
  • Road construction
  • Tunnel construction
  • Flood protection
  • Earth retention

This means that CFA piling is frequently used when work is being carried out next to other buildings and on various soil types.

Feel free to ask our experienced team about how CFA piling could be adopted in your residential building project or commercial building developments.

The Advantages of CFA piling

Aside from being more environmentally considerate than other forms of piling, the CFA piling advantages are widespread. From cost to efficiency, to speed, CFA piling from Abbey Pynford delivers them all.

The CFA piling method is a quiet process where speed and economy are taken into account. We don’t want to waste your money and time, just like we wouldn’t like to waste our own. Our CFA piling is carried out using our fully instrumented midi rigs that provide a rapid, accurate, high-quality, and affordable piling solution. Better still, CFA piling is not only low noise, but also low vibration too. This minimizes the risk to surrounding areas making it an optimal choice for more built-up areas where piling is needed.

Thanks to the way the auger works, you’ll also benefit from less land disturbance. Soil is removed as the auger is placing its concrete or grout. This results in less unpleasant piles of land, and instead, a neat, environmentally friendly piling method. It can be installed on most soil types too. Over the year we have used CFA piling on surfaces such as sand, gravel and clay as well as many others.

Perhaps one of the most unheralded but vital benefits is the high load capacity. CFA piles can achieve high load-bearing capacities making them suitable for heavy structures.

Why Choose Abbey Pynford for CFA Piling

At Abbey Pynford, we believe in providing high levels of quality and attention to our work. This stays the same whether we are working with a small independent business or an international powerhouse. Every step of the way, our team are on hand to advise, aid and explain the process and the progress of your CFA piling. With our innovation and technical expertise, we can deliver a cost-effective solution that remains low on cost but high on quality.

We are members of the Federation of Piling Specialists, as well as Constructionline and this helps us to ensure full compliance with regulations and quality of work. It isn’t just about our company-wide credentials though. Our CFA piling is quality assured. The midi rigs we use are built with the most up-to-date technology available and can accurately monitor not just the auger rotation but also the penetration rate, extraction rate and pile depth.

Speak to our team today to see how we can be of assistance or find out more about our work and see why we are the premium choice for CFA piling for both small and big businesses.

Contact our team today if you have any questions or read on the discover how Abbey Pynford offers the perfect pilling solution that is not only affordable but fully flexible to your needs.

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