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Housedeck is our patented piled raft system that outperforms traditional pile and beam foundations in cost, programme and Health and Safety. 

Cost & Time 

Housedeck eradicates the need for deep trenches, avoiding the costs associated with excavation, excessive spoil removal and beam installation. Due to the use of a uniformly thick raft slab, Housedeck also requires a reduced drainage depth (installed by Abbey Pynford or others), reducing excavation further. As Housedeck is a foundation and ground floor system, pre-cast floors are not required. We also use our patented Brick Support Units (BSU), which requires only one course of sub-structure brickwork, generating significant savings over a large site. On average, these combined savings can reduce your costs by up to 50%. 

Another key benefit of Housedeck is reduced risk. As an engineered foundation system, it eliminates additional foundation depths and over-breaks associated with traditional trench fill foundations over 1.5m deep, allowing us to offer a fixed cost system that minimises risk.

By using Housedeck’s rationalised approach you can reduce your programme and allow your client to start construction on adjacent units, keeping the site running seamlessly. 

Health & Safety 

By eliminating these processes of traditional piled foundations, you can make your site safer. Housedeck avoids the risk of trench collapse and overhead cranes required for pre-cast floors. Housedeck also requires minimal manual handling, minimal trip hazards and reduced plant movement. 

Value Engineering 

All our projects are value engineered by our in-house team. On many occasions, our engineers find that the proposed foundation scheme is over-engineered or limited by the site investigation. By reviewing the site conditions and proposed scheme we can create material savings and potentially omit some aspects. A common example is omitting the requirement for heave precautions, in which we liaise with our client’s warranty provider for approval on their behalf.  

Additional Benefits 

Housedeck also excels on site-specific challenges, such as:

  • Brownfield. Due to the reduced excavation, Housedeck is ideal for Brownfield sites as it required minimal spoil removal and can increase project viability. 
  • Heave. On a site where heave precautions have been specified, we offer our voided system and in some cases (ground conditions permitting) gain approval to omit them.   
  • Tree presence. By using our voided scheme, you can work around any roots within slab footprints without risk of future heave or damage to the trees.  

Specifications – Construction type

  • Housedeck is suitable for all types of construction ranging from traditional brick and block to modern construction techniques such as timber frame, sealed panels, or modular. The system works extremely well coupled with off-site construction techniques. Our slab completion rate is around 250m2 per week, complimenting the faster construction programmes and high tolerances required. 
  • Housedeck is suitable for houses, flats and commercial properties.   

Specifications – Site conditions

  • We offer either a ground bearing slab or a suspended clear voided system to cater for heave risk or potential ground gasses.  
  • Housedeck can be built on all pile types or, depending on ground conditions, can be built on ground improvement such as Vibro stone columns.  
  • The Housedeck system can include lift pits, in-slab steps and downstands, to accommodate underbuild and finished floor levels. 

Housedeck is BBA certified and is warranty provider approved: NHBC, Premier Guarantee and LABC. All our engineered solutions are fully underwritten.  


What our Clients say 


  • ‘By using Abbey Pynford’s Housedeck system we were able to reduce our costs and programme, which played an instrumental part in us securing this project.’ 

Malcolm Sykes, Senior Estimator, Conlon   

  • ‘Working with Abbey Pynford on this scheme helped us offer a much more competitive bid and helped secure this project.’ 

Alfie Murdoch, Estimating Manager, Flynn

  • ‘Abbey Pynford’s Housedeck system allowed us to cost-effectively tackle the varying ground conditions on our sites with a one solution fits all.’

Oma Hamam, Development Director, Chalkdene

  • ‘Abbey Pynford’s common sense approach has allowed us to rationalise our approach to foundations in complex ground conditions, saving both time and money on our projects.’

Michael Collins, Commercial Manager, Bellway

  • ‘Abbey Pynford have been collaborative from the outset with design input and assistance with NHBC approvals. The cost-effectiveness of the Housedeck system has simplified the delivery and speed of foundations on our projects. We look forward to working with Abbey Pynford on future projects.’

James Dupey, Managing Surveyor, Lovells  

  • ‘I was greatly impressed with the quality of Abbey Pynford’s work on-site, which contributed to us receiving an ‘Outstanding’ on our NHBC Construction Quality Review’ 

Alex Kenny, Contracts Manager, Flynn

  • ‘To sum up Abbey Pynford’s system: it’s efficient clean, cost-effective and saved 4 weeks from our programme.’

John Pope, Director, Octagon 


For examples of how Housedeck has helped other groundworkers, please see the below case studies.


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