Woodlands Chase

North Whitely, Hampshire

Value: £256,000
Site size: 16 units (plus garages) / 1054m2 Duration: 11 weeks
Client: Gracelands
Developer: Taylor Wimpey


This development in Hampshire is host to 182 new homes. Within this site, multiple pots were within the existing tree’s zone of influence. After investigation, the depth of tree roots was found to be significant and to mitigate future heave risk, a piled foundation system was required.

  • An Alternative Approach

Pile and ground beams would have been a traditional approach, however, as Taylor Wimpey are familiar with our foundations, they approached us for a scheme using our voided Housedeck system. As anticipated, using Housedeck was more competitive than pile and ground beams.

  • Cost Saving

This was achieved by using fewer materials and minimal plant. The excavation and construction of ground beams use a lot of resources; concrete and reinforcement, and plant for excavation and spoil removal. They also subsequently require a suspended floor system, which is costly. As Housedeck is a piled raft and ground floor system, it offered a rationalised approach, saving material, plant and the associated management costs.


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