Station Road

Grove, Oxfordshire

Value: £2.2m
Site size: 208 units / 12,412m2
Duration: 44 weeks
Client: Conlon
Developer: Bellway Homes


Due to the ground conditions, this multistage housing development by Bellway Homes required a piled foundation scheme. A traditional Pile and Beam strategy was proposed by the developer’s team, with associated substructure masonry and Beam and Block floors. We were approached by Conlon to propose how Housedeck, our patented piled raft system, would perform on this site in comparison.

  • Housedeck vs Pile and Beam

Our proposed scheme offered a mix of voided slabs inside tree root zones and non-voided slabs outside tree root zones. As is the case with most sites requiring a piled solution, Housedeck offered our client significant savings in both cost and programme.

This is primarily achieved through removing groundbeams, substructure masonry and Beam & Block floors, which are replaced by our Housedeck system. In addition to this, Housedeck requires significantly less excavation than traditional foundation systems offering a more cost-effective, quicker, and safer site. Due to the raft design and our proprietary shutter system the following features of a Pile and Beam foundation is not required; thick piling mats, trench excavation, construction of ground beams, pre-cast floors, substructure brickwork and all the associated cost of plant and management.

As we use our midi Hutte rigs we could reduce the piling mat thickness, passing on significant material savings.

Housedeck is also a ground floor solution and mitigates the cost of pre-cast floors. It also saved our client the time and costs of substructure masonry, adding significant savings over a site of this size.

  • Site levels

We included internal slabs steps in the slabs to meet the changes in the finish floor level of adjoining units, as well as incorporated downstands the accommodate underbuild as required by the client’s design.

By using Housedeck, Conlon was able to cut costs, create a safer site and win the tender.


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