Letchworth Garden City, Hertfordshire

Value: £308,000
Site size: 21 units / 1,534m2
Duration: 11 weeks
Client: Lovell Homes


Due to the chalk ground conditions, this site required a piled solution. Having worked on projects with us previously, Lovells were familiar with how Housedeck performs against other piled foundations and approached us for a Housedeck scheme.

  • Ground Conditions

The ground composition was Lowestoft formation, overlying chalk which varied from heavily weathered (soft) to structured chalk. Through probing the initial Site Investigation (SI) report highlighted some anomalous areas of potential dissolution features. This, combined with the presence of plastic clays and mature trees, meant that an engineered foundation solution was required.

  • Further Site Investigation

To investigate the anomalous probe positions, we instructed additional probing to be carried out, confirming the chalk as a weathered profile (soft) and that the risk of future dissolution was low. Based on these reports we proposed our voided Housedeck system, using CFA piles that socketed into the underlying structured chalk. This scheme also mitigated any risk posed by the large existing trees and plastic clays.

  • Value Engineering

We were able to value engineer our scheme by doing load takedowns for the superstructure in- house. This allowed us to generate more bespoke loads than typically used in the design of traditional foundations. We also used FE modelling, enabling our engineers to adjust the scheme in greater detail. Using this tool, they reduced the amount of reinforcement and designed the most economical amount of piles. By getting the most out of each element, we could pass these savings to our client.

  • Additional Works

In addition to our piling and slab work, our crews also undertook the setting out using EDM and installed the drainage, including the first manhole. All drain runs were CCTV surveyed.


“The cost-effectiveness of the Housedeck system has simplified the delivery and speed of foundations on our projects. We look forward to working with Abbey Pynford on future projects.”

James Dupey, Managing Surveyor, Lovells


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