Woodside Avenue

Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire

Value: £76,000
Site size: 2 units / 400m2
Duration: 3 weeks
Client: Palatine Homes


This project for Palatine Homes required foundations for two luxury detached properties in Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire. 

Working with a TPO

The focus of this site was working within the guidelines of the Tree Protection Order (TPO) on the trees adjacent to the property. As the root system came within the boundings footprint, we proposed our Treesafe system in these areas. 

This involved hand augering the pile locations in these areas to confirm there were no major roots and relocating the piles if required. 

Traditional foundation systems require significant excavation for strip footings or piled beams. The Treesafe piled raft system reduces the level of excavation required, protecting the roots. We also used our 50mm Concrete Working Surface (CWS) for the operation of our lightweight midi-rig rather than a traditional granular piling mat. This reduced excavation even further, as piling mats are traditionally between 300-600mm thick. 

The use of our midi rig, which is significantly lighter than traditional CFA rigs, further minimised the potential damage to roots. 

Using this foundation system allowed us to protect the surrounding trees without the client having to compromise the location, footprint, or design of the homes. 


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