Old Kiln Lane

High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire

Value: £45,000
Site size: 1 unit / 97m2
Duration: 2 weeks
Client: Mark Stone Homes


Old Kiln Lane is a single plot residential build for Mark Stone Homes in Buckinghamshire. This property was designed by HAP Architects, with the aim of creating a unique living space by assimilating the two prominent trees on the site.

  • Working with a Tree Preservation Order

The predominant challenge of this site was the proximity of the proposed building to these trees. Not only did this introduce the logistical issue of plant movement on site but more significantly the complexity of piling without causing damage to the roots. As these trees were under a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) we had to proceed with the utmost care to our design and execution.

Using our Treesafe system we were able to address these challenges from several angles. Firstly, we hand-dug the proposed piling locations to check if there were significant roots in these positions and adapt the pile design around them. Secondly, once we were satisfied that all pile locations were suitable, we protected the root system with our 50mm concrete working surface. This avoided the need for a traditional piling mat, which would have required excavation and severely damaged the root network. Thirdly, supported by the concrete working surface, we used our specialist lightweight rig to avoid excess weight on the surrounding roots.

This was all completed with the approval of an Arboricultural specialist and allowed the project to comply with the TPO without compromising the Architects design.


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