Fishers Green

Private Client

Stevenage, Hertfordshire

Value: £60,000

Size: 255m2

Duration: 3 weeks

Client: Private

Rig: Klemm 709

Scope of work:

  • Fishers Green required foundations for two plots, each to accommodate two semi-detached houses.
  • The architect’s design included both brick and steel superstructure. By using Housedeck with our steel shutter system, less underbuild was required, saving the client the time and cost of the masonry work.
  • On this site, we were able to offer additional on-site ground testing to supplement the shallow boreholes. We inspected and tested the pile arisings from the initial pile positions to confirm our expectations from Geo Records that the ground type was deep clay.
  • These results were used to update our design assumptions before proceeding; saving the client time, as we were able to proceed without concerns and avoided costly and time-consuming additional ground reports.

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