New Road

Weston Turville, Buckinghamshire

Value: £1.1m
Site size: 70 units / 5,500m2
Duration: 24 weeks
Client: Careys


This development, by Careys, was put to tender with various piled foundation solutions in consideration. We proposed our voided Housedeck system throughout.

  • Housedeck vs Pre-cast beams

As is the case with almost all sites that require a piled solution, Housedeck was the most cost-effective scheme proposed, with both financial and time savings.

Due to the potential risk of flooding, the levels the site levels needed to be raised throughout. This would traditionally be achieved through importing a large amount of crush material. Instead, we proposed our voided system. Due to the comparatively minimal cost increase of our voided Housedeck, this scheme was much more economical, as crush import and the associated plant costs would be significant on a site of this size.

Not only by avoiding crush import, but we also created saving for Careys in other ways. By design a Housedeck scheme, instead of a Piled Beam solution which, was originally specified. Housedeck replaces the need for thick piling mats, trench excavation and constructing ground beams.

We also proposed using our proprietary shutter system, which minimised substructure brickwork as Housedeck is also a ground floor solution, it mitigates the cost of pre-cast floors.

  • Cost Savings

By using the Housedeck system we:

  • Minimised crush import.
  • Avoided using thick piling mats.
  • Avoided excavation and build of ground beams.
  • Minimised substructure masonry.
  • Replaced Beam and Block floors with our raft.

The cost-saving for the above and the associated plant and management was 50% less than the compliant bid.

  • Quality

A key focus of Carey’s is delivering high-quality homes, every stage of the build needed to maintain these standards. As the Housedeck build process allows us to build to high tolerances, our site crews installed the scheme to a very high standard. Our engineers also designed the scheme to be operated from shuttered Concrete Working Surfaces (CWS), which helped the site teams to maintain an exceptionally tidy site.

  • Ahead of programme

This project ran smoothly throughout and was completed 6 weeks ahead of the planned 30-week programme.


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