Fulham Schools


Value: £740,000
Site size: 2 units / 1,400m2
Duration: 36 weeks
Client: Morgan Sindall


Due to the expanding needs of these London schools, two new buildings were required to facilitate the increasing demands. As these needs were pressing, the main challenge of this project was working while the schools were still in use, with particular attention to noise due to exams taking place.

Working closely with Morgan Sindall, we proposed a scheme that kept work disturbance to a minimum using our Comdeck system. As piling was required, Comdeck could offer a quicker programme, minimising our time on site and a reduced vehicle disturbance.

  • A quicker, quieter system

As deep excavations were not required for beams, the Comdeck system limited the use of excavators and the number of vehicles coming to and from the site for spoil removal. As we pile using our midi rig, we opted for a reduced thickness piling mat on both plots, minimising mat excavation by an estimated 50%. This small change saved time and avoided the noise of further vehicle movement.

  • Managed pile system

Our in-house engineers went one step further to improve our noise management by adapting our installation process and introducing a managed pile system. This meant that piles were finished at cut off level, rather than pile cropping, which requires noisy hand disk cutters and jackhammers.

In total, we were able to reduce our client’s programme and minimise the disturbance of the works, allowing the school to continue to operate.

  • BIM

As a requirement on all government projects, our design was BIM level 2 compliant.


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