New & improved pile formers

Posted: 2nd September 2021

Why do we use pile formers?

We have been using pile formers for many years, as they reduce setting out and increase accuracy.

Setting out is traditionally done on piling mats. This process requires additional checking before piling due to site traffic and other causes of ground movement causing pile position to shift. This can be time-consuming and if done incorrectly, lead to poor piling accuracy. As our pile formers are encased in our Concrete Working Surface (CWS), they are securely fixed in place, saving our crew time and avoids any misplaced piles.

New and Improved

Our design team have been working to improve our existing pile formers to save our clients money and create a more sustainable product.

To meet both our financial and sustainable aim, our new pile formers are reusable. Previously our metal formers were sacrificial, requiring new ones for every pile. Our new and improved design are struck out and brought to the next site/ plot, reducing material waste on-site, passing on savings to our clients.

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