Far Away

Private Client


Value: £60,000
Size: 135m2
Duration: 6 weeks
Rig: Klemm 709

Scope of work:

  • Suspended raft designed in-house
  • Setting out of foundation works
  • On site supervision of works (Working foreman & visiting Engineer)
  • 50mm concrete working surface acting as a stable, weatherproof base for the formwork
  • 300mm Dia CFA piles not exceeding 10.5m in length to our design (F.O.S = 3.0)
  • 300x300mm Columns to Support Structural Slab
  • 1No. Voided Housedeck structural slab (135m2)
  • 1.2m void to underside of Housedeck slab to accommodate flood risk
  • Straight edge detail with 15mm chamfer at the top and bottom of the suspended slab
  • Under slab drainage and services

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